SUSANNA HOFFS Susanna Hoffs and I had coffee on a sunny afternoon at the house. I was inspired by her fascinating upbringing, so we soon began talking about her childhood in the 1960s, her parents marriage, the formative years she spent in San Francisco and about the importance of truly dedicating to the craft that is our calling. You can listen to this episode (55) below, on the podcast page […]

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Season 2 of Coffee with Alice: Marriage & A New Podcast

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SEASON 2 OF COFFEE WITH ALICE THE PODCAST What was. What is. What happened in between. The chair is uncomfortable as I type – perhaps it’s because my last essay dates back to June of 2014 or, more likely, because a lot has been nesting inside. The other day I read an article about endorheic basins (from the Ancient Greek endon, meaning “within” and rhein, meaning “to flow”) and their hydrologic […]

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Interview with Benmont Tench


Benmont Tench: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, sobriety and the power of music through the tales and memories of a legendary music man. This column is sponsored by Audible.Log in with my code Coffee with Alice and get a 30-day FREE trial + a free audio book, ON ME! Click HERE and simply enjoy your book while supporting my podcast and website. This episode (39) is sponsored by […]

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Strange Currencies: A Los Angeles Anniversary

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  A Los Angeles Anniversary: April 26th, 2010 – April 26th, 2014.  How I learned to live. How I became a woman and how I learned to drive an automatic car.   ps. After 5 years, on April 26 2015 I am still sober, still writing and still fighting. I also fell in love and got married. NEVER GIVE UP.  I saw a young girl walking her dog on a brisk, […]

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Exclusive Interview With Ex-Hells Angels George Christie: The Man Beyond The Myth PART 2


Ex-Hells Angels George Christie: An exclusive interview, Part 2 This story is property of©.  The reproduction of this interview without prior written consent, both in print and on the Internet, it’s prohibited.  Nevertheless, sharing this article on the web by using the proper means is welcomed. All Rights Reserved© Before we depart on this second and closing ride I advise you to read Part 1 of George Christie, The […]

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