The Traveling Onion: We Are Where We Are Supposed To Be (Now)

here and now

We are exactly where we are supposed to be. I heard today. But how many of us struggle to believe such statement? We strive for what we don’t have yet, a more ambitious goal, a better job, a bigger house…more, bigger, better, ad infinitum. When I didn’t have a book deal, I thought that was the reason why I felt frustrated, a failure. When I got the book deal, I was […]

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Once Upon A Time At The Farmers’ Market

farmers' market

FARMERS’S MARKET, OH, GOOD OLD-FASHIONED FARMERS’ MARKET… When I moved from Hollywood to Tarzana, in 2014, one of the few things I knew I’d miss about my old neighborhood was the beautiful Hollywood Farmers’ Market on Sunday morning. I’d wake up at 6:00 AM every Sunday, to find the perfect parking spot on Selma Avenue, where the market still happens weekly. At the time, I felt very self-aware, and uncomfortable […]

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Trust Nature: If Only We Surrendered to Earth’s Intelligence!

trust nature

Trust Nature: Truth and Lies About Fat, Sugar, and The Food Industry On Wednesday, my friend Christy and I attended a lecture by Dr. Marc Milstein, at the Skirball Cultural Center.  “Our brain is made of 60% fat,”  he started the lecture, on the real truth about sugar and fat. The myelin sheath that coats the nervous system is made of fat, a rich source of energy for the cells […]

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Parrot Cay, A Healing Journey in the Caribbean

parrot cay

Parrot Cay, oh, Parrot Cay… I am in the Admirals Club at the Miami airport as I write this; I am about to board the American Airlines flight 69 to Los Angeles, after ten days in beautiful Parrot Cay, the smallest of the Turks and Caicos islands. It was the early afternoon of August 31st when we arrived on the island: “We are back,” we said in unison. I looked […]

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Earthquake For The Heart, Supper For The Soul

supper better world

Supper is hours away… It’s Wednesday morning, August 24th. I am listening to the RAI Radio livestream in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake that hit central Italy. I wash my face, and I can’t hold back my tears; I feel embarrassed for crying, but then I look at myself in the mirror, no make up, my eyes are red, the dark spot of melanoma on my forehead is quite visible this morning, […]

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