Home Is Wherever We Feel At Home

I am always ambivalent about going back to Italy, where I was born and raised. And now that these three weeks of Italian Christmas vacation have come to an end, it’s time to look back and sum up all that has happened.  First of all, Pilaz, a little mountain town in the Aosta Valley that I also call ‘my little heaven on earth’, and where I spent some of the […]

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Thanksgiving, Leonard Cohen Passing, and Donald Trump Winning.

thanksgiving leoanard cohen donald trump

  Thanksgiving, Leonard Cohen Passing, and Donald Trump Winning: Gratitude anyone? Every day I cook at home, and every day I write about food, about healing the soul with it, about the importance of home cooking. Every night, before going to bed, I also write a gratitude list. Many are the things I am grateful for in life, and I can easily list them on paper, even when the day […]

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Pesto Flatbread: From Crossroads Kitchen To My Table

pesto flatbread

Pesto Flatbread: A Tal Ronnen‘s recipe, with my very own pesto. A few weeks ago, Ben and I had dinner at Crossroads Kitchen, Tal Rennin’s vegan restaurant in West Hollywood — one of my favorite, here in Los Angeles. On that evening, the food was so good that, taken by the pumpkin ravioli, by the flatbread with almond ricotta, and by the spiced mascarpone semifreddo, I bought their cookbook, and […]

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