Sweetheart, surviving is all we have to do (sometimes)

What they say – sometimes – it’s true. Old patterns only make things worse. Things have been intense and overwhelming lately.  Some good, some bad.  That’s not the point.The point is: How many times do we have to hit the bottom?  Is survival enough? “Surviving is all we have to do sometimes sweetheart”  K told me this morning on the phone, when I finally allowed myself to cry out the […]

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Bells will be Ringing. Not quite a farewell.

I don’t quite know how to talk about me on this blog yet, that’s why I hide behind the poetry of a word or two, a story beyond the river, maybe.  I am a woman, and the same way a veil of make-up makes my lips look sexier, poetry makes my words sound better, fascinating and more interesting somehow. Six months ago I was walking my first 90 days on […]

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My day with Leonard Cohen (+ EXCLUSIVE review of Old Ideas)


Leonard & I A LEONARD COHEN STORY: MY EXCLUSIVE ENCOUNTER WITH LEONARD COHEN IN MANHATTAN. Listen to this column LIVE on iTunes for the Anniversary edition! Click HERE, it’s free and I shiver on the mic. EPISODE 27. It’s 2:00 PM in Manhattan.  It is January 20th 2012. Unfortunately, I’m not staying at the Chelsea Hotel, but at the Holiday Inn on W 57th St – Midtown West. I am no […]

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