The Sex Girl is my debut novel. I wrote this book when I didn’t know that writing was the way; emotionally and spiritually broken, I made the choice of becoming the woman I am today. Through the writing of The Sex Girl I have found healing and I fell in love with life all over again. The book is currently out of print, but I will post an update soon.


What’s The Sex Girl About?

In 1994, one month after the Northridge earthquake and two years after the riots, K moves to Los Angeles to escape her demons. That’s the thing about demons though, they tend to follow.

At once honest and heartbreaking, The Sex Girl digs deep into the female psyche, dealing with addiction, sex, love, and friendship. K’s story, and the unique way in which it’s told adds a new literary voice to the mix.

Alice Carbone’s fresh take on the drug addiction novel, earns a place amongst the tortured junkies. With a sense of impending tragedy, Carbone weaves K’s life together through found diaries and recollections, and in doing so she unpacks the density of a single person’s story.

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Praise for The Sex Girl

“Reading Alice Carbone’s mesmerizing new novel, The Sex Girl, it is impossible not to think of earlier giants like Joan Didion, Lucinda Franks and Mary Gaitsskil. In a raw confessional style, at once unsparing and fierce, the author lays bare the soul of a woman struggling toward redemption, even if it kills her. Sex Girl is a truly stunning read, by an author who, miraculously, lived to tell her tale.”
Jerry Stahl, bestselling author of Permanent Midnight

“A window into the dark world of addiction. Beautifully written. Carefully woven with a raw, truthful heart.”
Kate Micucci, Garfunkel and Oates

“Alice is a curious and courageous journalist and poet. She makes everything …Hells Angels…Henry Rollins….beautiful”
Phil Hendrie

“Alice Carbone is a powerful new voice in the literature of addiction. The Sex Girl is an astounding, heartrending account of a young woman’s search for love and acceptance in an underworld of Los Angeles that offers little of both. Often bleak but always hopeful, K’s story is a stunning, cautionary tale at once wise and innocent.”
James Brown, bestselling author of The Los Angeles Diaries

“Heartbreaking and inspiring … A brave and touching journey into life at life’s terms, pain, mistakes and – eventually – redemption. The Sex Girl is a beautiful debut novel by a fearless writer, Alice Carbone, who knows how to hold the reader hostage until the very last page.”
Anna David, bestselling author of Party Girl

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