Yesterday was a day off from Ben’s tour, so we dedicated the day to exploring Sausalito, where I had never been, to eating well on the go, and to enjoying the beautiful weather, far from the heat of Los Angeles.

Whenever I am on the go, and my food as well as a consequence, I still do my best to have three well-balanced meals that at once nourish me and satisfy my palate. 

That said, I slept in yesterday, probably because of the strawberry moon on the first night of summer, or maybe because I was tired, but I did skip breakfast, my favorite meal. I make of it a ritual every morning, whether elaborate or quick before leaving the house; I always take the time to sit at breakfast counter in my kitchen, where I listen to the news on the radio, sipping the first coffee of the day. 


But yesterday was a day on the go in San Francisco. Ben and I had lunch at Nespresso, which is near our hotel. This trip to San Francisco was an anniversary for us; Nespresso has a special place in our hearts, and both the coffee and the food are delicious there. We had Americanos with Altissio coffee, accompanied by a potato-leek quiche and some bread.

food Nespresso

foodAfter lunch, we walked to the Ferry Building, browsed the market nearby, and departed for beautiful Sausalito at 2:30 PM. The place instantly reminded me of Liguria, in Italy, and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the little town. With our friend Deirdre, who lives on a cozy (and very stylish) house boat, we had initially planned a cup of tea, and then a tour of Sausalito. However, the day turned out to be much more adventurous than I had imagined.

food san francisco

As we walked along the dock we met Deirdre’s friend Scott, her boat neighbor, and in less than an hour we were sailing the bay. I had never been on a sailboat before, and not only did I get to witness man and sea confronting each other, but Scott guided me through actual sailing. I was in charge of the boat until, approaching the Golden Gate Bridge, my fingers and my face were too cold to even move, and I had to retire inside for a while.

food sailing

Sailing is hard work, both mentally and physically. And I always carry in my purse a healthy snack, when I know I won’t be home all day. In fact, I get severe headaches when my blood sugar levels drop.

On this occasion, I had a cherry/dark chocolate KIND BAR

By the time we docked in Sausalito it was almost 9:00 PM and we were starving.

We all agreed that BAR BOCCE was the place to go, and their pizza did not disappoint. I had one with pear, gorgonzola, fontina, balsamic reduction and frisée, Ben went for mushrooms and caramelized onions (in the picture).

I was in heaven after the coconut sorbet with pistachios that Ben and I pizzafood sunset

Tonight, after Ben’s show in Oakland, I’ll return to Los Angeles, and therefore to my kitchen and balanced routine. Ultimately, these four days in San Francisco were a real feast for the eye, the palate, and the soul, too.  

The culinary highlight of our stay at the Four Seasons was Alexander La Motte’s black bean and Mushroom vegan burger with alfalfa sprouts and pickled onions. I’ll try to pickle the onions soon, and I’ll keep you posted on the results.

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