Post-Migraine Dinner

migraine menu

So many of you asked for these three recipes on Instagram, so I decided to gather them in one blog post. This was my post-migraine dinner last night. I haven’t been posting on the blog recently, because I am trying to finish my new book before the baby comes. But there is new writing about pregnancy and eating disorders coming your way. Stay tuned. with love, Alice   TEMPEH MEATLESS […]

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Apple Rose: A Recipe of Love, Forgiveness, Second Chances, and Apples

healing with food

The two of them hadn’t talked in a long time, and Tierney had almost forgotten the sound of her grandmother’s voice — the accent, the tone, and how she used to move her hands toward the end of every sentence, almost as to invite the dialogue. Many were the things about her grandmother that had slipped away from her memory, but not her smile, her wit, and how perfect she […]

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Clean Food: Goat Cheese is Just Goat Cheese

clean food eggplant

Clean Food: How to Keep a Beginner’s Mind in The Kitchen. In the kitchen, I practice daily with the concept of clean food. Clean food is semantically and emotionally decontaminated from memories and attributes from the past. And this approach to food is what ultimately has led me not only to making peace with it, but also to discovering in the kitchen a cradle of creativity, culture, and pleasure. Most […]

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