Susanna Hoffs and I had coffee on a sunny afternoon at the house. I was inspired by her fascinating upbringing, so we soon began talking about her childhood in the 1960s, her parents marriage, the formative years she spent in San Francisco and about the importance of truly dedicating to the craft that is our calling.

You can listen to this episode (55) below, on the podcast page (HERE) or on iTunes (HERE)

An extensive portion of our conversation was dedicated to music, of course, as we began exploring the transcendence of its genres. In fact, I wanted to understand how Susanna’s coming of age passion for punk rock and new wave influenced her songwriting, eventually leading to form, together with Vicki and Debbi Peterson, The Bangles.

When I re-listened to this episode and paid attention to the peculiarity of her voice, I focused on her inflection and on the articulation of each word — something that I find fascinating when I converse. Susanna weights the sentence carefully and makes it rhythmical.

As we got close to the end, and to the more intimate part of the interview, she shared with me a fantastic Grateful Dead story, when The Bangles played with Jerry Garcia. But then we also talked about the importance of being in the moment, so Sue discussed with me her daily practice to deal with anxiety, fear and the fabricated myth of perfection. 

Susanna Hoffs isn’t only an extraordinary, beautiful and talented artist — she is truly a sweet and generous woman. I was quite nervous before the interview, even though I knew her. But her truthfulness and smile reminded me why I wanted to talk to her in the first place. I like authenticity, and she is the real deal. 

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