A Thousand Kisses Deep - Leonard Cohen takes over Los Angeles

A Thousand Kisses Deep – Leonard Cohen takes over Los Angeles

Ladies and Gentlemen: Leonard Cohen


For those of you who are not familiar with my blog, a couple of useful stories from my recent past (How it Started - What happened Next).

I was already crying, even before he walked the stage in his humble, and handsome elegance.  
Not even for a lover disappeared for months my heart raced so fast and my skin shivered so deeply, even with almost 90°F degrees outside.  
There’s no separation – my Zen teacher keeps telling me.  So I plunged into it, and I became the concert itself.  That’s what happened from that moment on.  It was 8:10 PM, I already knew the night  was going to be long, or most likely not long enough.
For 3 and a half hours Mr. Cohen danced a Sold Out Nokia Theater to a thousand notes; from the melancholic Jewish melody of Dance Me to the End of Love to the irresistible and mysterious rhythm of First We Take Manhattan, from the dark and sexy blues of Darkness (when he had fun playing the rock star on stage, hotter than ever, but with the added value of a sweet violin), to the evergreen romance of Suzanne, Marianne, and Take This Waltz.  
I can’t name every song, because the blog would become too long, let me just say that Famous Blue Raincoat was pure perfection to my ears.
When he recited A Thousand Kisses Deep I tried to be strong, but the poem brought me back to such a painful event of my recent past that I broke into tears, ruining my black eye-liner for the second time.  Who cares, that’s what Leonard is for – I thought – attire doesn’t really matter when you feel comfortable, completely naked at his eyes, stripped to the bone.
Sadness walked away so rapidly that I wondered if it was ever there in first place, because when I braided my hair to fix my necklace, I could suddenly smell his breath, and his  hands on my neck, gentle just like a leather glove.  I stopped breathing; that’s when he started singing Anyhow. Jeez…he was moving his body and whispering my favorite jazz, sexy and fun…he made me laugh and arouse me at the same time; how can he play with words like that?

I’m the worst, you deserve to hurt me, but please..not so hard at first… (these lyrics are not in the original version of course, and a tiny part of the audience knew)
No one can play with humor and eroticism like he does, I better learn if I want to keep up with my novels!
I usually don’t dance, but his feet were guiding me through the notes on stage, just like a tango dancer would do, and I couldn’t help but surrender, and be hauled by his wave.  More than 180 minutes on his knees, dancing, flirting and feeling the love, feeling the fire, singing songs like he wrote them yesterday (Everybody Knows gave me exactly that vibe, and if felt damn real),  moving across the border of his secret life.
Now, a sweet note on the ensemble; I am not a musician or a music critic for sure, I am just a writer, who happens to live for music.  
Having said that, Javier Mas, dear Javier, what a genius you are.  I thought I knew where your Spanish strings could take me, but I was wrong, because you turned me into Leonard’s gypsy wife all over again, just by tickling his notes under your restless fingers.  And what’s even more beautiful is that you were there too, with us, feeling it the same way we did.  Who by Fire was even better than I remembered, I’ll make sure never to forget.
Sharon Robinson was sublime as always, the genuine warmth of her voice goes beyond talent; it takes love to sing the way she does. And the Webb Sisters, you are either born with inner elegance or not, and their voice is simply a gift from above.
Maybe it’s when you become one, or maybe it’s just that when you kneel before his miracle you are one with his poetry, with his Dharma and with the most harmonic family of musicians I have had the pleasure to listen to in quite a long time, but Leonard’s concert was one of the most sublime moments of penetrating art I have ever experienced in my whole life.
With Leonard

This blog is to pay homage to two special people who changed my life.  ROBERT, for being not only my manager, but a wise guide, and a precious teacher.  And LEONARD, my mentor, for showing me the place and beyond.