Thank You, Tom

Will you still be my mom in heaven? I’d ask my mom when I was a little girl. We lived in a very small apartment, and my feelings were so overwhelmingly big that they had never quite fit.   Do you think we’ll still be married after we die? I asked my husband a while back. I was reading about black holes in the New York Times, and I started […]

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Pregnancy and Eating Disorders: My Truth

pregnancy and eating disorders

I didn’t know that, with the joy of my much longed-for pregnancy, the horror of my bulimia and anorexia could come back so violently after three years of healing: with a vengeance, actually, despite intense and life-changing therapy sessions, sobriety, a happy marriage, and especially despite my newly found love for food and cooking. But it did happen. And my first trimester has been, almost secretly, one of the most […]

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Post-Migraine Dinner

migraine menu

So many of you asked for these three recipes on Instagram, so I decided to gather them in one blog post. This was my post-migraine dinner last night. I haven’t been posting on the blog recently, because I am trying to finish my new book before the baby comes. But there is new writing about pregnancy and eating disorders coming your way. Stay tuned. with love, Alice   TEMPEH MEATLESS […]

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30-Day Home Baking Challenge: How Food Can Change Your Life

home baking

The magic of home baking at your fingertips… As some of you you know, Ben and I have recently spent some time in Italy, and just as I had imagined, during our stay we got to eat delicious food. We had lots of cheese, pizza, and pasta, of course; bread, crackers and grissini were always on the table. We never ate meat, but plenty of fresh vegetables, and some fish. “I’ll go back […]

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